English Football Fans Arrested In Munich

A large number of England fans were arrested during a Nations League game between England and Germany over their displays of the Nazi salute. England football fans were arrested in Munich ahead of a Nations League game against Germany on Tuesday, in keeping with local stories. England soccer supporters in Munich Munich were detained after making Nazi salutes and damaging their hotel room ahead of their Nations League match against Germany Tuesday night, according to local police.

Three England fans in Munich have been arrested over suspected Nazi salutes before the Nations League match against Germany; local police said — after video emerged showing the group singing the German bomber’s ten songs, despite a plea from Gareth Southgate to refrain. England football supporters in Munich were arrested Monday, mainly in central areas of Munich, despite insisting they were determined to restore their damaged reputation, especially in light of an unsavoury scene at Wembley during the Euro 2020 final. Three of the England football supporters in Munich were arrested for making a Nazi salute. At the same time, another fan caused an estimated EUR 2,000 worth of damage after setting off a flashbang in his hotel room, police said. In addition to the previously mentioned arrests, two arrests were made for insulting police officers, a fan was arrested for public indecency, and one was arrested for setting off flares inside their hotel room.

One of the few England fans was also arrested for possessing pyrotechnics in their hotel room, which caused massive damage to a hotel room. Police were called out to one of Monday’s fights, which was reported as being between 30 and 50 England fans, but said that Monday’s fight had dispersed when armed officers arrived at the scene. A spokesman for the Munich police said officers could only prevent England fans from entering the home side if there was a perception that they might cause problems. A Munich police spokesperson said 700 officers — including riot police — had been deployed since Saturday to cope with an influx of England fans to Munich, significantly more than would work at a football game at Bayern Munich.

England manager Gareth Southgate said that he hopes that traveller fan’s behaviour will not be embarrassing to England. Leading into UEFA Nations League play-offs, and with the expectation that there will be some issues with the crowd, England head coach Gareth Southgate has called on fans to avoid things getting too heated in order for the football to remain at the heart of events. Thousands of England fans arrived early in Munich as England looked to recover from a loss against Hungary that left them in last place of their group for the UEFA Nations League.