Premier League table without VAR after 11 matches

VAR, it is always a great topic for debate, isn’t it?

Okay, we use the term “great” rather loosely in this scenario as we know that the implementation of this technology has only ruffled the feathers of literally every football fan since it was introduced, however it does seem to have made progress in recent years and become a piece of kit that we can all start to get behind.

Of course, we know that there are still going to be frustrations because nobody seems to know what “clear and obvious” means – perhaps Webster’s dictionary can include in the future and provide some clarity? – whilst there will be decisions that will have an impact on the bets that are made with the bookmakers available when punters visit to find the best odds available.

Nonetheless, The Sun has taken a look at how the table would look if VAR was not involved and this is how it would look:

20. Norwich City – 5 points (=)
Actual table: 20th, 5 points

19. Aston Villa – 8 points (-2)
Actual table: 16th, 10 points

18. Newcastle United – 9 points (+4)
Actual table: 19th, 5 points

17. Burnley – 11 points (+3)
Actual table: 18th, 8 points

16. Watford – 12 points (+2)
Actual table: 17th, 10 points

15. Leeds United – 12 points (+1)
Actual table: 15th, 11 points

14. Tottenham Hotspur – 13 points (-3)
Actual table: 9th, 16 points

13. Brighton & Hove Albion – 13 points (-4)
Actual table: 7th, 17 points

12. Brentford – 14 points (+2)
Actual table: 14th, 12 points

11. Southampton – 15 points (+1)
Actual table: 13th, 14 points

10. Crystal Palace – 15 points (=)
Actual table: 10th, 15 points

9. Manchester United – 16 points (-1)
Actual table: 6th, 17 points

8. Leicester City – 17 points (+2)
Actual table: 12th, 15 points

7. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 17 points (+1)
Actual table: 8th, 16 points

6. Arsenal – 18 points (-2)
Actual table: 5th, 20 points

5. Everton – 18 points (+3)
Actual table: 11th, 15 points

4. Manchester City – 22 points (-1)
Actual table: 2nd, 23 points

3. Liverpool – 22 points (=)
Actual table: 4th, 22 points

2. West Ham United – 23 points (=)
Actual table: 3rd, 23 points

1. Chelsea – 28 points (+2)
Actual table: 1st, 26 points

When taking a look at the current table, Chelsea would be further clear at the top of the Premier League if it were not for VAR as they have dropped two points because of it this season, whilst Norwich City are no better or worse off, thus meaning Daniel Farke would have still lost his job.

If it were not for VAR, Dean Smith would have been gone a lot earlier, whilst Xisco could still have been at Watford. Steve Bruce would unlikely have remained at Newcastle beyond the time he did, whilst Nuno Espirito Santo could still be at Tottenham if VAR was not involved.

Rafa Benitez is thought to be under pressure at Everton already, but if the technology was not there, then his Toffees side would be fifth and he would be able to enjoy himself, rather than fear the chop from the blue half of Merseyside.

Oh, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side has an additional point because of VAR, so would he have been sacked yet? Or would the team still find themselves in the same situation that they find themselves in currently? Who knows…