Arsenal need a mentality change to compete again

For so many years, the adjectives used to describe Arsenal have been not so endearing; gutless, spineless, rudderless and lacking character, and lacking perhaps a bit of online pokies real money. These have not been used without reason though. Arsenal look like a team that should be pushing for a spot at the top end of the table, but they have become so mired in mediocrity that average seems to be the new normal. It is a far cry from the team that used to have players like Keown, Adams, Vieira, Henry and Seaman; players everyone knew will drop their last sweat for glory and who would never appreciate standards dropping for them and that of their teammates.

When Arsenal won the league in 2004, in invincible fashion, no one could have predicted that they’d not add to their league trophies 17 years after, which points to the malaise that has eaten deep into the North London outfit. The declining years of Wenger’s later years have been mixed with burgeoning hope under Emery and Arteta only to be replaced by something unknown. No one seems to know the expectations from Arsenal and everyone associated with it must be held responsible.

The owners are content at just breaking even. There is none of the ruthlessness of the big clubs; clubs that demand 100% from managers and players, or else they are replaced. Arsenal failed to qualify for Europe for the first time in over 20 years, but there are no questions asked. Everyone moves as though everything is normal, which for a club of Arsenal’s stature, is not good enough. The fans are also not left out, according to online casino usa. There is a new wave of Arsenal fans who didn’t see the glorious years under Wenger, and are only content with playing supposedly attractive football, with no long term plan in sight.

The players have also been left to wallow in mediocrity. There are no leaders in the Arsenal dressing room, no vocal presence in the mould of a Vieira, who would whip everybody in lime, and giving more than 100%, of himself at every training session, friendly or competitive game. For Arsenal to be great again, the club must revert to type: principles that made them the darling of English football in the late nineties and early noughties. The Gunners need players who would not relent. Proper conversations must be had to ensure that they return to their rightful place in the upper Echelons of English football. The time at the Clock End is ticking.