The Statistics: Mandagora salvages point for Torino in draw with Bologna

After a goal from Barrow, Bologna were 1-0 up at half-time, in their home game against Torino in the Serie A. But then, Torino clawed their way back into the game and equalised through Mandagora. The game finished 1-1.

Bologna started the match well and took the lead early when Musa Barrow scored a goal after 25 minutes, with an assist by Roberto Soriano, making it 0-1.

With more than 30 minutes on the clock, Torino’s Rolando Mandagora scored a goal and equalised. The 1-1 goal was the last goal of the game.

Bologna have 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses with a 8–6 goal difference in the last 5 games, while Torino have 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss and a 7–5 goal difference.

This means Bologna are still in 11th place and Torino are in 16th.

Torino will play against Napoli on Monday. Bologna will face Atalanta on Sunday.

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