The Data Zone: Sharp shooting from Bale in Tottenham’s win over Leicester

Tottenham beat visiting Leicester on Sunday in the Premier League, winning 4-2 (1-1).

Leicester started the match well and took the lead early when Jamie Vardy scored a goal in the 18th minute, making it 0-1.

Tottenham equalised 1-1 just before the half-time whistle as Harry Kane scored a goal. The goal was his 22nd on target in the league this season. It was his 22nd goal.

Straight after the break, Jamie Vardy scored and gave Leicester the lead på nytt. Leicester were unable to score any more goals.

2-2 came through an own-goal in the 76th minute.

The 2-3 goal to take the lead came in the final minutes, when Gareth Bale scored a goal for Tottenham, with an assist by Harry Kane.

Tottenham’s 2-4 came straight after when Gareth Bale scored, in the 90th minute. Bale then completed the team’s come back, what brought the final score to 2-4.

Leicester have 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses with a 8–12 goal difference in the last 5 games, while Tottenham have 3 wins and and 2 losses and a 12–7 goal difference.

Leicester finish in fifth place and Tottenham in seventh as the season rounds up.

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