The Data Zone: Benevento secure long-awaited point

Benevento have gone through a tough spell in the Serie A with a run of four successive defeats. But after the 1-1 (1-0) win against Crotone, things are looking brighter for Benevento with at least a much longed-for point.

Benevento started the match best and took the lead early when Gianluca Lapadula scored a goal after 13 minutes, with an assist by Perparim Hetemaj, making it 0-1.

Crotone’s Vladimir Golemic was sent off in the 24th minute.

After that the game came to a long, indecisive standstill without either team managing to score. The equaliser came in the 90th minute, when Simeon Nwankwo scored a goal for Crotone, with an assist by Pedro Pereira, what brought the final score to 1-1.

It was nevertheless Benevento’s ninth game in a row without a win.

Benevento have 1 draw and 4 losses with a 4–12 goal difference in the last 5 games, while Crotone have 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses and a 7–12 goal difference.

With one game remaining, Benevento are in 18th place in the table and Crotone are in 19th.

Both teams play again on Sunday with Benevento hosting Torino, and Crotone host Fiorentina.

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