Stats Zone: Mainz’s unbeaten run continues

Mainz enjoyed a great game in the Bundesliga and their ninth game in a row without defeat came away to Eintracht Frankfurt. The game finished 1-1 (0-1).

Mainz scored the first goal when Karim Onisiwo scored a goal after 11 minutes, with an assist by Dominik Kohr, making it 1-0.

After that the game came to a long, indecisive standstill without either team managing to score. Five minutes left to play, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ajdin Hrustic equalised as he scored a goal, what brought the final score to 1-1.

Eintracht Frankfurt have 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses with a 8–11 goal difference in the last 5 games, while Mainz have 3 wins and 2 draws and a 8–5 goal difference.

With two games remaining, Eintracht Frankfurt are in fifth place in the table while Mainz are in 12th.

Mainz will play against Dortmund on Sunday. Frankfurt will face Schalke on Saturday.

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