Man City high on Premier League win but prepare for Brighton

Although their Premier League victory was clenched quite some time ago, Manchester City were finally handed the glistening Trophy after concluding a boring 0-0 draw against Huddersfield at home. They failed to score at home for the first time in this season, but that fact was soon overshadowed by the celebrations.

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Brighton game, a relatively relaxed affair

While the Manchester City ground staff got 3 days to clear the field of confetti, the players got the same amount of time to free their heads and prepare for the Brighton encounter on May 9. By the time this article gets published, the fate of that match would have already been decided.

Pep Guardiola is the kind of manager who’s incapable of switching off even for a moment; his focus would be entirely on what needs to be done next. He’d be prepping his boys to win the last two games of the season, and finish on a high.

However, Brighton visit is expected to be a more relaxed affair compared to Huddersfield for many different reasons. Their team is expertly steered by Chris Hughton, one of the biggest unsung heroes of the English football. They are well clear of any trouble as they conclude their inaugural Premier League season, which on occasions seemed like sending them back to the championship. A point scored by Huddersfield on the other hand might prove to be crucial for them as they play Arsenal and Chelsea in their last two games of the season.

Man City has been in Brighton’s shoes as well

Many would observe the irony in Manchester City playing sides up against relegation, during the closing stages of the season. After all, not too long ago this time of the season meant something different for City too. There used to be nail-biting everywhere as the club would attempt promotion to top 10 or avoid relegation. Those days are thankfully a thing of the past.

This time around, they looked far from a side that used to constantly yo-yo between the third tier and top-flight. Their progress through the season has been very impressive to say the least. Their victory is a proof that Guardiola has had major influence on the team and has carefully guided the team through a league that’s very difficult to conquer.

Guardiola being Guardiola would have already shortlisted multiple areas where team must improve in the next season. Although it would be a very difficult task to repeat their performance next year, Guardiola has his hopes high. This is where you can keep track of Manchester City’s live scores and figure how well they’re doing.

Their biggest challenges would perhaps be performing well in the knockout tournaments. However, let’s save that for another time, right now let the English champions bask in the glory of a very magnificent season!